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Margaret Lucas

Allow us to introduce Margaret Lucas to those of you who may not know her. As a long-time resident of Mercer County, a graduate of Sharon High School, Thiel College and Duquesne University School of Law, Margaret has practiced in Mercer County for the past 34 years.  She began my career with the firm of Halliday & Halliday in Greenville where she worked for two and one half years.  She represented clients in a variety of criminal, real estate, estate, family law and business matters.  In 1987, Margaret joined the Sharon firm of Routman, Moore, Goldstone & Valentino as an associate attorney.  In 1994, Margaret became the firm’s first female partner and remained with the firm until its dissolution in December 2000.  During those years, Margaret worked with a number of corporate clients, handled many real estate transactions, and represented dozens of bankruptcy clients, assisting several local businesses with successful reorganizations under Chapter 11 and hundreds of family law clients.

Since opening her own office in January 2001, she has increasingly limited her practice to family law which includes matters involving divorce, property division, support, custody, grandparents’ custody, adoption and domestic violence.  She appears in court multiple times each week, often on a daily basis.  In 2005, then President Judge Fornelli appointed Margaret as a part time Special Master for custody and divorce matters where she presided over custody and divorce conferences and, if needed, full hearings on divorce and property division issues.  Margaret Lucas continues to serve in that capacity.

Between 2008 and 2012, Margaret Lucas Attorney at Law, P.C. which at that time included Margaret’s associate, Lori Ross, served as solicitor for Mercer County Children and Youth Services.  Together they gave legal advice, but more importantly appeared in court at every hearing held, representing hundreds of hours of court time and involving abused and neglected children of all ages.  The families that they worked with suffered from a lack of education, drug and alcohol abuse and mental illnesses, problems that continue to plague our county with increasing severity.

Margaret Lucas is a member of the Pennsylvania and Mercer County Bar Associations and has served as the chair of Mercer County Bar Family Law committee since 2000.  Margaret is a member of the Family Law section of the Pennsylvania Bar and the Solo and Small Firm section where she has served on the executive council as secretary since 2016.  Margaret is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Commission on Women in the Profession.  Margaret has been trained in Collaborative Law and has been a member of the Collaborative Professionals of Northwest Pennsylvania since 2015.  Margaret has written and lectured for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute in the areas of bankruptcy and family law and has presented seminars for local police departments on the interplay of family law in the criminal arena.  Margaret recently coordinated with AWARE to present a program to local attorneys and law enforcement regarding the changes to the domestic violence/PFA statute. Margaret is a member of ATHENA International, a non-profit organization that seeks to support, develop and recognize women leaders across the globe and was honored to be the 2017 recipient of the Organizational Leadership Award from the Mercer/Lawrence chapter.

Margaret has run her own business for eighteen years, raised two successful sons both of whom are Eagle Scouts, will soon celebrate 36 years of marriage with her husband, She and her husband David have participated in as many community activities as their schedules allowed.  More than all of these, however, it is her years of actual courtroom experience dealing with the people and problems that our judges face every day that has prepared her to take on this vitally important responsibility.

Margaret Lucas will bring a new perspective to our courts – a new way of looking at issues and problems, a new way of solving them as well as the dedication, work ethic and temperament to pull it all together.  Margaret has seen the harm suffered by families as they experience divorce, domestic violence, financial downturns, drug addition, alcoholism, mental illness and victimization by the criminal element in our society.  She will bring the same demand for accountability and responsibility to the criminal defendants and compassion for the victims who appear before her that she brings to her professional and personal life.  As a wife, mother, daughter and sister, Margaret is deeply concerned about the impact that our courts have on the lives of the citizens of Mercer County.  As your judge, she will work tirelessly to assure that this impact is positive.


Margaret Lucas has shown dedication to the people of Mercer County for well over 30 years in the courts and the community.


Education and experience, along with knowledge that deals with moral principles, makes Margaret Lucas a great choice for Mercer County Judge.


A career in family law, revolving around the many issues dealing with the criminal aspects of the courts, makes Margaret Lucas a perfect candidate for judge.
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